Monday, 25 November 2013

Commander repaint: Captain Sicarius

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So I've been humming and harring over my commander character for a while, and finally decided to just turn him into Captain Sicarius, mainly because I felt he had way too much bling for some field commander lieutenant guy or whatever the hell he was.

Here's the before photo. I think he was painted close to two years ago now, so it's nice to see how much my painting has improved in that time. Frankly the highlights on him were a bit atrocious and the banner looked a bit ratty after a superglue incident. 

I checked out some images of the actual Captain Sicarius model and decided (after some photoshop tests) that I didn't want to give his new banner the same red/white border. I kept it simple in theme with the other army banners, combining three decal elements from my trusty Forgeworld decal collection and painted the border an umber colour, highlighted up to yellow along the top.

I also repainted his helmet crest to the red and white stripes, gave him a plasma pistol, completely repainted his armour highlights, made the cybernetic parts of his helmet look more cyberneticky and gave him the Ultramar symbol award thingee which I had spare from the Marneus Calgar resin set.

Pretty stoked with how he turned out, I reckon he looks sufficiently Sicarius-esque. It's nice to see how my painting has come in the last two years too.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ultramarines Devastator squad WIP

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More Devastator progress! Whoo! Finished up the first heavy bolter and have almost finished the multi melta marine. 

You'll also see that I've added a campaign badge to their legs, which I've gone and done on the tactical and assault squads too on a whim. I feel like it helps tie everything together in a weird way, weird because they're all blue with ultramarine symbols. Who even knows.

Once again the awesome decals from Forgeworld and Armorcast really help make the models a bit more interesting. 

Have some pics! 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Blast templates and blades

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This week I decided to make a start on my squad of Devastators. I easily had enough spare space marine sprues to make all eight weapon options, plus of course the sergeant who'd been painted up a few months ago. 

Behold, WIP of some heavy weapon fellas! 

For the eagle chestpiece on this marine I tried a simpler method of just painting it brown, then painting most of each feather tip gold while leaving a small part of the inside. I then ran earthshade wash over the bits I hadn't painted gold. I think it looks really effective.

But wait, there's more! I also made a start on the Khador Manhunter, because why not. He's got his green vest on to fit in with the rest of the army. Digging how nice the black ink makes the fur trimming and fuzzy boots.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Ultramarines Rhino

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My first (mostly) finished transport vehicle! Man, I gotta tell you I seriously need to get an airbrush before I try painting something like this again. Pain in the buttocks. 

It took me a while to figure out how to make it look halfway decent, some advice from the Warhammer Reddit forum had me layering down some ink along the bottom to give it more depth, plus a brighter tone along the top. This would have been WAY easier with an airbrush right from the start. 

I'm mostly happy with it, though I'm probably going to be touching it up for a while. But have some photos!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Rhinos and bikes, oh my

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This poor neglected rhino transport tank has been sitting around undercoated for almost two years. The shame! Well today is your day, Rhino. Here are some work in progress pics! 

The extra large sexy decals and side-door brass plague both come from Forgeworld. 

Hopefully you can also make out the battle damage I'm working on, this was done with the tried and true method of using a corner of sponge to dab on black and then carefully filling it in with boltgun metal using a brush.

Also! I completed one of the four bike marines! He even has eyeballs. I'll take some better pics using the light-box soon for the gallery page.

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